Truly amazing flash flood video from the Southwest

David Rankin of posted this video shot (bottom) of a suddenly-appearing flash flood in southern Utah on Friday, Aug. 30.  It shows the raw power of a Southwest U.S. flash flood aided by debris damming upstream.

It truly is the most amazing video I have ever seen of a sudden impact, “wall of water” flash flood.  (And shot from several angles in HD!)

Flash Flood

He posts this caption:

“This is a rather large flash flood with a debris plug at the front heading down Buckskin Wash which eventually dumps into the Buckskin Gulch about 10 miles further downstream. If you can imagine this going though a slot canyon, probably wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.”

I’d sure agree!  Given the incredible amount of large debris on the front end of this flood and debris flow, I suspect there was some sort of event upstream — probably the release of a previous debris dam that sent all this dead timber downstream.  I also noticed an old tire.

Certainly a reason to heed Flash Flood Warnings, especially when you’re in rocky, hilly or mountainous terrain.  It may not rain where you are, but the flood can appear in moments!  (h/t Mike Smith)


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